Shearline Has Transformed My Business

Shearline Has Transformed My Business
January 30, 2017

I can’t overstate how much this technology has transformed my business. I currently run 4 Shearline Originals during harvest and have been utilizing these machines for years. The precision and reliability is second to none. The customer support I have received over the years has surpassed any other company I have dealt with and the step by step videos can make even the least mechanically inclined farmer a professional operator.

The first machine I bought in 2013 was a real game changer. I was so impressed I bought another “Centurion” from my local supplier the following year. The first machine ran like a dream but the second machine had nothing but problems. My local shop owner and I were perplexed and after a few phone calls we discovered that the distributor had started procuring these machines from a different source. “Knock off” doesn’t even begin to describe that product… the bearings were shot within 50 hours of use and the cut wasn’t even comparable. Luckily the distributor took the machine back and eventually paid us back with “credit” months later. Do not be fooled by Centurion Pro just because they look the same… I can guarantee they are not even close in terms of quality or reliability.

Shearline makes harvest as easy as possible. This technology has become the standard for wet trimming in our farming community and I am hearing great things about the dry trimming functions as well. By mechanizing our operation we can now focus on smaller crews with better-paying jobs and a quicker shift to post-harvest activities. It’s almost February and without these machines I would still be processing last year’s harvest.

Thanks Shearline!