Shearline Has Been A Life Saver

Shearline Has Been A Life Saver
Winnipeg, Manitoba
January 18, 2017

We’ve been using the Shearline Trimmer for about a year now and are extremely satisfied with the end product.  It’s and amazing machine, so quiet and efficient.  It has been a life saver.  Clean-up is easy and operation is very quiet considering the size and volume it can process in such a short time.

We’ve recently contacted the maker and he has been extremely helpful with how to use, clean and keep your Shearline performing optimally.   We have only done wet trimming up to now, but Ryan, the creator of the trimmer, has agreed to show us how to do dry trimming, which will produce even nicer product.

As a store manager, and having sold many different latest and greatest trimmers and related gear, I can tell you that beyond the shadow of a doubt, the Shearline with eclipse any other trimmer available by leaps and bounds.  And the awesome customer service, miles ahead of the competition, is icing on the cake!

Thanks Shearline for offering such a fantastic product!