OH MY GOD!!!!!….. this is the BEST investment

OH MY GOD!!!!!….. this is the BEST investment
May 8, 2017

We are a small mom and pop business. Harvest time has always been difficult for us. Just finding human trimmers who were trustworthy and reliable when and if they would even show up has been a constant battle. Thus the burden of trimming would always fall on just the two of us, and we are no longer young and can’t afford any more aching fingers or backs.
We wanted a trimmer that would do the work for us, be easy to operate, not take up a whole building because of its size, and most importantly at the same time not put us in the poor house with the price. As I was doing the research I came across the Shearline 2.0, the end product buds in the video looked like the best of all the other trimmers I researched. And so we saved up our pennies and bought it. The machine sat in our possession for several weeks before our harvest, and my concerns grew daily, did we make a mistake, how do we know its going to work, and on and on, before we even used it…guess I got buyers remorse, after all this was a major investment.
We have just finished our first harvest with the Shearline 2.0 and …..OH MY GOD!!!!!…..
this is the BEST investment we have ever made. This machine is…AWESOME!!!!!..AMAZING!!!!!.
What would have taken us 3 weeks to harvest has taken us less than 5 days. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with our Shearline 2.0 Trimmer. It is MORE than what we expected in terms of producing a GREAT quality product. If you adjust it properly, you do not even have to tweak any of your buds, the machine does all the work for you thus taking the burden entirely off the harvesting process. What is most surprising is how gentle it is on your buds.
One of the best things about this machine is that Ryan does not leave you to fend for yourself while you are learning how to work your Shearline 2.0. His customer service is old school, and he will not let you off the phone until he is sure you know what you are doing. He held our hand through the learning process, and was an inspiration for SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE no matter what time of day or night we phoned him. Everyone who wants relief from the burden of harvesting by hand should have a Shearline Trimmer. It is the BEST TRIMMER we have ever used, and has virtually drastically reduced our stress and saved our bodies. Thank you Ryan for your FABULOUS invention. We are so GRATEFUL.