October 13, 2017

In an industry where peddlers of sub-standard products pop up every other day to gouge customers, its absolutely refreshing to experience both the performance of the Shearline trimmer and the accompanying customer service.

In the search for the best wet trimmer, I have tried twister, centurion and shearline and have found that Shearline is by far the best. To be clear, this is not an arbitrary determination. Every time I trail a new machine, I do a miniature study to gauge the efficacy of the machine. For starters, I record the number of minutes it takes the machine to run through one bin of hand strip on average, the percentage of product that must be run through the machine twice to get a clean cut, and the amount of labor it takes to both feed the machine and keep an eye on the product it is producing.

Most recently, I put the Shearline original up against the Centurion Gladiator, a trim machine with 2 barrels.

Theoretically, the gladiator should be able to double the production of the Shearline.

Here’s what we found:

minutes per bin: Shearline- 21 Centurion- 16
% rerun: Shearline- 8% Centurion- 21%
Labor: Shearline- .75 FTE – Centurion 2 FTE

In addition, while the Centurion came very close to the Shearline’s trim quality, to get there we had to be extremely measured in our feeding of the barrel, whereas the Shearline did not require such exact attention to do the job.

Another thing to note would be that the factory settings for the gladiator were terrible- straight out of the box, the rotating blade and stationary blade were grating against each other, and had to be adjusted, which took FOREVER.

When held up against the Centurion Gladiator, we found that the Shearline is absolutely the better machine. Per barrel, the Shearline trims to a slightly higher quality at a much faster and less work intensive pace. It also came with perfectly tuned factory settings that have run like a dream with no maintenance.

This test solidified my belief that Shearline is the best wet trimmer on the market, and I recently called the company to tell them so, and to order a couple new units. Turns out, the company owner himself answers the phones, and he gleefully waded into the technical nerdisms of trim machines with me for the next 30 minutes, geeking out on my mini-studies and providing fantastic advice on how to up my game. In short, I can’t recommend this company enough.