Shearline Original Trimmer


The original marijuana trimming machine.
Others may look like us, but nothing is built like us.

The Shearline™ Original is the leading marijuana trimming machine on the market, designed for growers who demand quality, durability, and accountability. Created by the inventor of the first ever automated trimming machine, the Shearline™ Original combines quality parts, intelligent engineering, and the best customer service to ensure that your buds are trimmed precisely and efficiently, year after year.

3-Year Warranty

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Easy-to-clean Blades

The most distinctive quality of the Shearline Original is the ease of keeping the blade clean, which is made out of D2 hardened steel. Unlike any other machine on the market, the Shearline Original employs a magnetic blade holding technology.  This allows for five minute clean-ups during operation, ensuring the machine has a consistently sharp, clean cut, and operates at a rapid pace.

Return on Investment

At full power, the Shearline Original processes up to 45 – 60 lb/day, compared to an average of 1.5 – 2 lb/day per person when trimmed by hand. On average, your investment will pay for itself in two harvests!

Food Grade Components

All of our machine components are aluminum and stainless steel, which provides a lightweight, durable machine with zero corrosion issues. The Shearline Original meets all health regulations, including a electroless-nickel plated reel, food-grade bearings and brush, and stainless steel shrouding, so that no matter which direction your business takes you we’ve got you covered.

Versatile Configuration

Shearline uses a number of unique diverters to help you fine tune the flow and cut on different strains. As a result, growers have the ability to quickly adjust to different strains, or density, of bud. Additionally, these suction diverters are the trick behind how the machine can process dry bud so delicately while still ensuring a tight, clean cut and finish!

Hopper & Blower

The hopper & blower come standard with each purchase of the Shearline Original. The extra-large hopper allows for comfortable, consistent feeding of the machine, while the powerful blower ensures a close cut no matter the strain. A 2-bag system for trim collection is easy to clean, and helps save  trim for further processes.

Add on the Auto-Feeder Accessory and your days’ work will be finished hours earlier by allowing you to run your machine “hands free”!

Blower Accessory
Hopper Accessory

Customer service is our top priority!


Shearline™ holds its customer service to the highest standards and you are welcome to contact our help line at any time.  We are here to provide assistance with any and all of your questions and concerns. Instructional videos and PDF manuals are available for your reference!


Complete your Shearline system.

The Shearline™ Original integrates seamlessly with custom-built accessories, taking the hard work out of harvest. Used together, the complete automation system replaces the labour of 5-6 people!

Click on accessory names to learn more.

Shearline Trimmer Complete System
The Shearline complete system

Fits underneath the hopper to feed product directly into the machine.

Precisely-tuned timer allows for adjustment of duration and frequency of your feed depending on the strain.

Easy installation.

An extremely gentle and quick way to buck your product and feed it directly into your hopper.

Left and right handed system allows multiple configurations depending on your space.

All waste is collected into an easily removable bag making for a quick clean-up.

Removes 99.5% of your trim before it reaches the blower, leaving your trim in better condition for extracts.

The filter bag stays clean, leaving the machine working with its optimal suction throughout the day and eliminating the need to clean the blower.

The trim is collected into a 30 gallon drum with a durable lining.




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