Complete your
Shearline system

The Shearline™ Original and Shearline 2.0 integrate seamlessly with custom built accessories, taking the hard work out of harvest. Used together, the complete automation system replaces the labour of 5-6 people!

The Bucker

  • An extremely gentle and quick way to buck your product and feed it directly into your hopper.
  • Left and right handed system allows multiple configurations depending on your space.
  • All waste is collected into an easily removable bag making for a quick clean-up.

The Auto-Feeder

  • Fits underneath the hopper to feed product directly into the machine.
  • Precisely-tuned timer allows for adjustment of duration and frequency of your feed depending on your strain.

The Separator

  • Removes 99.5% of your trim before it reaches the blower, leaving your trim in better condition for extracts.
  • The filter bag stays clean, leaving the machine working with its optimal suction throughout the day and eliminating the need to clean the blower.
  • The trim is collected into a 30 gallon drum with an easily-removable bag that stores all of your material.