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Shearline, The Game Changer

The shearline machine has been a game-changer for us. We first purchased the shearline original machine as a wet trimmer and used it for a season improperly and soon after, posted it for sale on Craigslist. The machine didn’t sell, thank goodness, and it sat unused for a year (what a shame). But then we called the manufacturer and received highly personalized customer service from the man who stands behind his product 100%. Ryan over nighted us new parts to upgrade our machine and walked us through the proper way to use it as a dry trim machine. In addition to the instructional videos he provides, he personally answered our every call and made sure we achieved optimal performance with his machine. This season we were fortunate enough to have the “burden” of finishing all of our indoor, outdoor and light deprivation greenhouse all at the same time. We were able to perform a huge feat in a fraction of the time; with just three people to buck down product and clean the machine, we moved through what would ordinarily take months and many people to achieve. This was a big bonus for us because we were already short-handed on help and we did not want to impact our property with bringing new people around, especially after my sister just had a baby. It took us a little while to perfect our rhythm but we have been averaging about 10 completed pounds per day and the finished look is better than hand trimmed product compared side by side. I know we still have room for improvement on our daily output. The machine worked so well on our outdoor that we decided to do an experiment and run even our most premium indoor OG Kush through the machine, it produced a surprisingly exceptional product! We have not received a single complaint about the trim job on our final products, no buyer even noticed it was not trimmed by hand. We have run six different strains through the machine and it handled all of them well, some strains better than others but we didn’t mind minimally touching up by hand the crows feet on the leafier outdoor strains. The machine also does a phenomenal job with the smallest buds that used to get overlooked by the hand trimmers who didn’t want to bother with them.This machine was our single greatest business investment. Our machine has been in high demand by friends and I have even been able to offer my rental and operation service to friends and I am easily able to cut their trimming bills in half. I would recommend this product to anyone, it is truly extraordinary.

Jessica Hole January 15, 2017

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Happy Customer

I’ve owned my Shearline for about two years now and was very impressed when I first used it. The 2.0 took what use to be a 4-5 day job into a 4-5 hour job. Anything I’ve ever needed Ryan has been extremely helpful and patient with me. Talking directly with the owner/inventor of the company directly is great and lead to upgrades to my machine! Ryan wanted me to try out the newest parts/upgrades for the 2.0 and I was excited to do so. It was already a very close cut but now it’s FASTER without compromising the quality.

Writing this for anyone considering buying a trimmer, this company is the way to go!



John Rhode Island January 15, 2017

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Shearline Is The Only Way To Go

The shearline original  is incredible! I have pushed these machines very hard in a commercial  setting running upwards of 70 lbs (final dry weight) of product through 1 machine in a 9 hour sitting and the product quality is always beautiful.  Initially I was not using the machine to its full potential but after speaking with Ryan from shearline he encouraged me to push the machines harder. We talked for a while and we went through all the details of wet and dry trimming. I found his lengthy knowledge and excellent advice to be very beneficial to our bottom line. These machines are outstanding at making crop day very efficient while rendering perfect product every time. We have saved so much time and money by  purchasing these machines and in this ever-growing competitive market it is essential to keep production costs down. In my profesional opinion Shearline is the only way to go when striving for maximum efficiency and product quality at a Commercial level or otherwise!

Darcy Loewen Facility manager January 16, 2017

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Shearline Is The “Creme Of The Crop”

I have used several machines over the years and shearline is the “creme of the crop” as you might say. I have run hundreds if not thousands of strains through these machines and whether its a wet trim, or the more recent trend of dry trimming, the machines are very functional for both applications. The ability to quickly and easily vary the suction allows for the perfect trim every time regardless of what product you are trimming. I don’t claim to be an expert with these machines but the guys at shearline certainly are. I have reached out to them on a few occasions for their input on proper use in different applications and they have been extremely helpful and their advice has always been spot-on. We have several of these machines for a commercial operation and we get them all from shearline now because they are simply the best choice when considering the unwavering quality of their products and their eager and outstanding customer service. Thanks again for making trim day a breeze!

Jeremy Williams Trim/shop manager January 16, 2017

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Shearline Has Been A Life Saver

We’ve been using the Shearline Trimmer for about a year now and are extremely satisfied with the end product.  It’s and amazing machine, so quiet and efficient.  It has been a life saver.  Clean-up is easy and operation is very quiet considering the size and volume it can process in such a short time.

We’ve recently contacted the maker and he has been extremely helpful with how to use, clean and keep your Shearline performing optimally.   We have only done wet trimming up to now, but Ryan, the creator of the trimmer, has agreed to show us how to do dry trimming, which will produce even nicer product.

As a store manager, and having sold many different latest and greatest trimmers and related gear, I can tell you that beyond the shadow of a doubt, the Shearline with eclipse any other trimmer available by leaps and bounds.  And the awesome customer service, miles ahead of the competition, is icing on the cake!

Thanks Shearline for offering such a fantastic product!

Nick Hydroponic Website Manager Winnipeg, Manitoba January 18, 2017

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Shearline Has Transformed My Business

I can’t overstate how much this technology has transformed my business. I currently run 4 Shearline Originals during harvest and have been utilizing these machines for years. The precision and reliability is second to none. The customer support I have received over the years has surpassed any other company I have dealt with and the step by step videos can make even the least mechanically inclined farmer a professional operator.

The first machine I bought in 2013 was a real game changer. I was so impressed I bought another “Centurion” from my local supplier the following year. The first machine ran like a dream but the second machine had nothing but problems. My local shop owner and I were perplexed and after a few phone calls we discovered that the distributor had started procuring these machines from a different source. “Knock off” doesn’t even begin to describe that product… the bearings were shot within 50 hours of use and the cut wasn’t even comparable. Luckily the distributor took the machine back and eventually paid us back with “credit” months later. Do not be fooled by Centurion Pro just because they look the same… I can guarantee they are not even close in terms of quality or reliability.

Shearline makes harvest as easy as possible. This technology has become the standard for wet trimming in our farming community and I am hearing great things about the dry trimming functions as well. By mechanizing our operation we can now focus on smaller crews with better-paying jobs and a quicker shift to post-harvest activities. It’s almost February and without these machines I would still be processing last year’s harvest.

Thanks Shearline!

Mark B California January 30, 2017

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Thanks A Million

I would like to say ‘thanks a million’ to Ryan for this awesome machine and all of his help. I could never go back to doing it any other way. When my machine needed a tune-up, after several years of running it, he was very helpful and talked me through it over the phone. This man stands behind his product. He even occasionally checks in with me to see how things are going. Ryan is the man!

Phillip G - Blue Duck Family Farms California January 30, 2017

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Shearline 2.0 Gets The Job Done Quickly

I bought the Shearline 2.0 on a wim. I was having trouble lining up hand trimmers and grabbed the only trimmer machine I could find in stock that day. As it turned out I was sure glad I grabbed the Shearline. The machine performs just advertised. Makes a nice clean cut, and gets the job done quickly. Very happy with the machine.
Customer Service: Every time I call with a question, Ryan always answers or gets back with me in minutes. Ryan spends the time to make sure you understand how to get the absolute best performance out of your machine. He even sent me out a free upgrade kit that will speed up the machine! The machine does a great job and the customer service is top notch!! What more could you ask for!

Terry Leright Michigan February 1, 2017

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Best Product In The Industry

The owner of Shearline is a truly incredible individual. 20 years ago when he told me he had designed a trimming machine I thought he was a little nuts. Well, turns out he is, but in the best possible way. Not only did he create this amazing machine, he has handled the expected imitations of his work gracefully (most of the time!) and over came some pretty shocking adversity to continue to produce the best product in the industry. The support he personally offers on Shearline products is not only refreshingly old school but also truly five star, and I’m always excited to see how he continues to innovate his products. Well done!

Katharine Industry Expert Canada February 1, 2017

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None Has Matched The Quality, Durability, & Innovation Of Shearline Trimmers

I’ve been a user of the various Shearline machines and accessories since the tumbling trimming machine was invented by Ryan, the owner of Shearline, some 20 years ago. While many came along after and tried to copy his machines, none have matched the quality, durability and innovation of his trimmers. I currently own and operate three ‘originals’ and they continually give me the highest quality trim. One of the best things about Shearline is the personal service and assistance you get when dealing with Ryan. If you ever have a question about his machines or need help, he answers the phone personally, something rarely seen in business these days. I couldn’t recommend a better quality machine or company to deal with than Shearline.

Todd Wall Operator - MMAR British Columbia February 1, 2017

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