Shearline™ Original

Shearline Original Trimming Machine

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$9,900 USD

The Shearline™ Original is the most sought after marijuana trimming machine on the market and is currently being shipped in North America to growers who demand quality, durability, and accountability. The Shearline™ Original is the relaunched brand of the powerhouse bud trimming machine created by the inventor of the first ever automated trimming machine.

The most distinctive quality of The Shearline™ Original is the ease of keeping the blade clean, which is made out of D2 hardened steel. Unlike any other machine on the market, The Shearline™ Original employs a magnetic blade holding technology that allows for five minute clean-ups during operation, ensuring the machine has a consistently sharp, clean cut, and operates at a rapid pace.

The 7 amp motor drives the cutting reel and drum. It is important to note that all components are aluminum and stainless steel which provides a lightweight, durable machine with zero issues regarding corrosion.

The extra large hopper  makes consistent feeding of the machine easier. Add on the automatic feeder and your days work will be finished hours earlier! This is a new addition to the Shearline Original that allows it to run “hands free! reducing the time to run your product by hours per day! And freeing up one worker to perform other jobs.

The Shearline Original uses a 2 horsepower blower that runs on 220 volts. It can be converted to 120 volts but this requires a simple rewiring of the control box, a 120 male plug, and attention to the wire size feeding power to the motor. This will need to be up-sized to account for the larger Amp draw now coming through the single hot wire in a 120 system!

Shearline uses a number of unique diverters to help you fine tune the flow and cut on different strains. Giving the grower the ability to quickly adjust to different strains, or density of bud. These suction diverters are how the machine can process dry bud so delicately while still ensuring a tight clean cut and finish! A two bag system for trim collection aids in the ease of keeping the bags clean and helps save the trim for further processes.

A high quality tool kit is provided with the purchase of The Shearline™ Original.

There are instructional videos and written manuals available. We urge you to take the time to view them!

Shearline™ holds its customer service to the highest standards and you are welcome to contact our help line at any time 1.855.980.0121.  We are here to provide assistance with any and all of your questions and concerns.

The Shearline™ Original comes with a 3 year warranty

$9,900 USD


Motor: 1/2 HP, 7 amp, 840W @ 120V
Dimensions: L31″ x W14″ x H26″
Weight: 90 lbs
Leaf Collector
Motor: 2 HP, 8 amp, 1760W @ 220V
Airflow: 1350 CFM
Dimensions: L14″ x W14″ x H19″
Weight: 60 lbs