Shearline™ 2.0

Shearline 2.0 Trimming Machine

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$7,700 USD

The Shearline™ 2.0 is our latest bud trimming machine that treats your product with the care and attention that it deserves.  Brought to you by the original inventor and designer of the first ever automated trimming machine, The Shearline™ 2.0 is designer for smaller scale grows who need to go through 15-20lbs a day with minimal crew.

The blade on The Shearline™ 2.0 is made with D2 hardened steel, so it will remain sharp through hundreds of hours of operation! The new blade design provides small, close, and neat cuts, scissor-like cutting shears the stems and leaves without pulling or tearing, its like having 36 pairs of super sharp scissors cutting at 2000 cuts per minute working for you!

This eliminates bruising to the product and greatly reduces the loss of oils or trichomes. Additionally, this machine is by far the easiest to clean.

The Shearline™ 2.0 is best for those individuals or companies that run small to medium operations. While thirty percent slower then its big brother, the Shearline™ Original, it it will provide the cleanest, tightest cut of any machine on the market today! This machine runs off a 110 volt, the 220V, 2 horsepower suction unit can be easily switched to 110V. This blower provides strong and controllable suction which is needed for a consistent product. Each bag is custom made and consists of an outer 25 micron felt bag and a 200 micron inner nylon bag.  Another fascinating feature of our double bag system occurs with these bags as they actually work as a separating  system. The small particles make their way through the 200 micron bag and are collected by the 25 micron bag. This will provide you with further product that will be lost if you are hand trimming or using a different brand of machine!

A high quality tool kit is provided with the purchase of The Shearline™ 2.0.

There are instructional videos and written manuals under the respective sections. Please take the time to view these! IT IS ESSENTIAL that the blades are regularly (please refer to the manual) lubricated with the correct lubricant (STP oil treatment) to ensure proper operation and longevity of your machine.

Shearline™ holds its customer service to the highest standards and you are welcome to contact our help line at any time 1.855.980.0121.  We are here to provide assistance with any and all of your questions and concerns.

The Shearline™ 2.0 comes with a 3 year warranty

$7,700 USD


Motor: 1/3 HP, 6 amp, 720W @ 120V
Dimensions: L31″ x W12″ x H25″
Weight: 72 lbs
Leaf Collector
Motor: 2 HP, 8 amp, 1760W @ 220V
Airflow: 1350 CFM
Dimensions: L14″ x W14″ x H19″
Weight: 60 lbs