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Mr. Ryan Hall is the eccentric inventor behind the original automated trimming machine.  From 1993 – 1997, Mr. Hall worked tirelessly to create and develop a mechanical method of trimming of buds, superior to the age old tradition of hand trimming.  Although he was told it could not be done, Mr. Hall set out to produce a high quality machine that was easily operable and fiercely durable.  He finally succeeded in 1997 by launching The Centurion.

Over the next decade, many imitation machines were produced by various companies.  None of these imitations were ever supported or endorsed by Mr. Hall.  Mr. Hall has remained true to his invention and company, and fiercely loyal to his product and many customers.

In 2011, Mr. Hall launched The Centurion Pro, an even better designed machine than the original Centurion.  This new design had a lower price point, and became the automated trimming machine of choice by growers internationally.

Unfortunately Mr. Hall did not trademark this new and improved model, and in 2013 Mr. Amrit Pal Singh Niger (Owner and CEO of Centurion Pro Solutions) laid claim to the name and design.

Legal action has been taken and Mr. Hall is to inform previous and potential customers that he has lost rights to the brand name Centurion Pro. This statement acts as official notification.

Mr. Hall has officially re-branded his company and design as Shearline™. Shearline™ offers two separate automated trimming machines The Shearline™ Original and The Shearline™ 2.0.  Both of these machines have been developed to the highest standards, with exceptional attention to detail and the highest quality products.

Mr. Hall is the original inventor of automated bud trimming machines and the only official endorsement that he provides is to Shearline™ products!

Shearline™ holds its customer service to the highest standards and you are welcome to contact our help line at any time 1.855.980.0121.  We are here to provide assistance with any and all of your questions and concerns.  We have vast experience and the greatest knowledge of these trimmers – after all, we invented them!


Shearline™ trimmers have received Patents from both the United States and Canada! If you are concerned you may be looking at a competitors product that would infringe on these, please review the PDF documents through the links provided below. Thank you for supporting our hard work and research by not purchasing knock-offs! This greatly helps us in developing new technology and equipment to help make your lives and work easier!

US Shearline™ Patent | Canadian Shearline™ Patent