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Ideal for small-to-medium scale commercial growers, our marijuana trimming machines provide maximum output with minimal maintenance, and are built to withstand constant use – a must for any harvest.





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Watch both the Shearline Original and Shearline 2.0 at work in this video. See for yourself how our machines employ top-tier engineering for the gentlest, most effective, and cleanest results.

Key Innovations

The Magnetic Blade Holding System

Durable, easy-to-clean blades that are gentle on the product while ensuring an extremely clean, tight cut.

The magnetic blade holding system not only allows us to use a much harder steel than the lawn mower blades our competitors use, but it also enables the operator to periodically remove and clean the underside of the blade in less than five minutes! This is especially critical to maintaining a clean cut throughout a days operation.

As a result of processing the buds, the machine builds up with resin (particularly under the blade), which heats up, hardens, and causes the cutting reel to force the blade up. Like a fine pair of scissors, if the gap between the blades is loosened even a small amount, the clean cutting action is turned to tearing and pulling of the leaf! Consequently, the finished product is rough and ugly when dried. Both of Shearline’s machines have been designed to eliminate this problem!

The Patented
Drive System

Fewer parts, one motor, unequaled results.

The drum style trimmers undoubtedly offer the gentlest, fastest, and tightest method of removing the excess leaf from high quality buds. However, the old style required two motors and a large number of parts to operate. The Shearline Original and Shearline 2.0 operate with our patented drive system using one motor, greatly reducing the parts required and the amount of things to break or wear out!

The Highest
Assembly Standards

Our staff of specialists are here to work with you through setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Finally, no matter how well parts are made, they must be inspected, and assembled in a precise, meticulous manner if they are to operate as designed and last for a lifetime. As a rule, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in this! Hence, should anything go wrong, rather our fault or the operators, we will do whatever is necessary to get you back and running as fast as possible! You can count on us!

Shearline™ trimmers have received patents from both the United States and Canada. If you are concerned you may be looking at a competitors product that would infringe on these, please review the PDF documents through the links provided below. Thank you for supporting our hard work and research by not purchasing knock-offs! This greatly helps us in developing new technology and equipment to help make your lives and work easier.

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